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Έλληνες του εξωτερικου Κληρονομικά Οικογενειακά ομογένεια τραπεζα


  Written by Anastasia Miliou, Attorney at the Supreme Courts of Greece The inheritance Laws that are applicable in Greece are exclusively related with assets that are located in Greece. The assets can be moveable or immovable, or an undivided (ab indivisio) share over them. The inheritance includes money (cash), jewelry, works of art and bank accounts. Regarding the bank accounts the inheritance includes only personal bank accounts and not joint bank accounts. The above can be found in the article  25 of law 2961/2001 regarding tax matters in combination with the article 1 and 2 of law 5638/1932 that...

Διάφορα Έλληνες του εξωτερικου Κληρονομικά ομογένεια τραπεζα

Joint bank accounts: Who gets the money?

  Written by Anastasia Miliou  Attorney at the Supreme Courts   All people named in a joint account are privy to the money by Law Most of us have opened accounts at various bank branches. These accounts may be personal or joint. In joint bank accounts ie. bank deposits where there are two or more cosigners there is a particular relationship between these two or more persons and the bank. In the case of monetary deposits in a joint account in the name of the depositor and the third party or parties, there is, independent of the money that was...